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We specialize in eliminating your computer frustrations, for both PC and Mac.

We offer on-site service, fair pricing, friendly support and technical mastery on every job, with as little inconvenience to you as is humanly possible.

Our mission at North Jersey Geeks is simple. Commercial or Residential, we are here to provide the customer with an affordable and practical Computer Repair Solution.



Thinking of upgrading your current environment. We can come to your business and do an analysis of your current environment and make recommendation for upgrades.

Server Installation

Server Installation Services can Trust

Plan to grow your business in the coming years? We will survey your site, making any recommendations for your growth plan. If you choose to go forward with our services we ease the burden of ordering any servers and equipment by doing it for you.

Once we receive the servers, our certified server professionals will install servers and configure them to your specs. . Server installation is recommended for weekends or after business hours as we would not want to interrupt your normal business operations by installing a server.

Remote Access:

Does your Business Need Remote Access Capabilities?

If you need to access files from your business remotely we will develop a feasible remote access plan for your needs. Whether it’s from your home, or anywhere around the world we will make it work for you so you can access files from your business anywhere.

Data Recovery Service

Use our Data Recovery Services

If your computer crashes, we have the tools and knowledge to recover the data from your hard drive. Our data recovery technicians understand that the information on your hard drive is important to you.

That's our aim is to return that data back to you so you can browse those photos of friends and families, and use those files again that are essential to running your business. Our data recovery services cover a wide variety of file recovery including raid data recovery, thumb drive file recovery, hard drive data recovery, and cd / dvd file recovery. If you would like us to recover your data feel free to call or fill out a price quote form.

Web design & Implementation Website Services

We will determine the needs of your business and suggest a website design and layout. Shopping cart integration, custom customer input forms to receive data, and email & phone integration are among these website services.

SEO Website Services

Its one thing to have a beautiful website design. It’s another to have a site that attracts visitors. Call or email us for more details on this service and we will tell you how you can grow your business exponentially

Relocation Service

Are you relocating your office? Let us help you with the move. Our expert technicians will uninstall all your PCs and install it back into your new Location. We will not just move the computer and leave it there, we will make sure every PC is up and running perfectly. Please call us for a quote.

If you would like to remove old PC’s that you are not using, please let us know and we will gladly take them out of your Home or Office. We will fix/upgrade the pc’s and donate them to the local community.


Pay per call

* Call only when service is needed

Prepaid Hourly

* Prepay for a set amount of service hours
* Call and schedule for service

Prepaid Monthly

* Scheduled Service calls twice per week to confirm systems setup
* Make necessary adjustments
* Help Desk Questions
* Network Usage Reports

Call to  Setup Free On-Site Consultation and Proposal