North jersey geeks


Why Choose our NJGeeks home or business computer services?

Our professional computer services and computer repair technicians are well aware of your technology frustrations and needs. Dedicated to providing computer services to all of of our clients, we are located in the New Jersey and Virginia.

Although located two states, our computer repair company provides laptop, pc, mac repair and sevices throughout NY, NJ, Washington DC, VA, MD and our techs are standing by to fulfill your service needs


Mac and PC computer Setup: $ 59.99

You just bought a new computer. You are so excited to use it but realize that you don't know how to set it up. We can do a general PC setup for you - whether it's getting connected to the internet, setting up a home or office network or answering any questions about your new pc you may have

Data Backup/ Transfer : starting at $ 19.99

When replacing your computer, you can rely on us to transfer pictures, emails, programs, documents, movies, and music, spreadsheets, Quickbooks files, and more fom your old comptuer to your new one.

Print works

Let us design and print your business cards, flyers, brochure, Magazine etc for your business. We are specialized in English, Spanish and Bengali. You can send us your documents we’ll print, bind and ship it to you

Hard Drive Installation and Reload : $ 79.95

Whether your upgrading your storage space or replacing a bad hard drive, get a new hard drive from Us and we will install the drive and reload your Operating System, Office suite (if applicable), and Anti-virus.

NOTE: Please provide your original CDs and Product Keys for this service. Data Backup is recommended with this service to save your data.

Diagnostics Services :$ 34.99 and up

Is your computer acting up? Bring it in for diagnostics. We'll diagnose and repair any defect or glitch that may impede your work, like crashing, freezing, slowness or a virus.We'll diagnose the problem and let you know your options for repairs.

Data Recovery : $ 59.95

If your computer crashes and you can’t get to your hard drive or floppy, we have the tools and knowledge to recover the data from your hard drive.

Our data recovery technicians understand that the information on your hard drive is important to you.

That's our aim is to return that data back to you so you can browse those photos of friends and families, and use those files again that are essential to running your Business.

Our data recovery services cover a wide variety of file recovery including including raid data recovery, thumb drive file recovery, hard drive data recovery, and cd / dvd file recovery.

DLS/Cable: Starting $ 39.99

Installing broadband service may be more complicated than advertised. We'll configure your cable or DSL modem, install the software and make sure your internet connection is up an running reliably.

Hardware Support: $ 19.99

Most hardware for computers is very delicate and expensive. Any mishandling of hardware can be damaging and result in the hardware being unusable. That's where we can help. We know the proper techniques for installing your hardware professionally. We can even determine if you need a hardware upgrade to improve your system or if your hardware breaks we can tell you what you need and even order it for you.

PC Desktop Component Installation : $ 19.99

Mac Desktop Component Installation : Call for pricing

Laptop Component Installation : Call for pricing

Virus and Spyware Removal : $ 89.99

Computer slow? Internet connection not consistent? If you are like most people who don’t like their computer moving sluggishly, the best decision you can make would be getting our help with your spyware and virus removal needs.Not only do we guarantee that your spyware and viruses will be removed after completion of our services but if you get the same infection within 30 days we will fix it at no cost.

Windows Support :$ 79.99

Looking to change your current operating system? Our computer technicians will do professional windows installation and perform any updates needed for your computer (PC), so you are ready for use it.Have one of our service professionals install the latest operating system, Windows 7™ on your PC or any older Operating Systems.
First see if your computer is compatible with Windows 7 by speaking to one of our service representatives.A data backup is usually available before the computer is wiped out since all data will be overwritten.

Home Networks: $ 49.99

We'll link your computers together and set-up your wired or wireless network. You can have your computers share an internet connection, a printer, or data. No need to worry about connecting wires, configuring software, or reading user manuals, because we will.

Computer Training: $ 24.99/HR

Are you having trouble setting up your email? Do you know how to search the internet efficiently? Are you having trouble with Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint? Do you understand how to maneuver through your PC?

We can help with training of the basic computer software tools. Please call for more details.

Printer : $ 29.99 and up

We'll take care of paper jams, smearing toners, or any other annoying printing problems that keep you from printing.